We are a project management initiative and networking platform, founded by professionals, focusing on strategic planning and implementation of projects to resolve problems and challenges for humans, animals and the environment.
We cooperate with partner companies, organizations and subject matter experts.
We strive for holistic, modern and sustainable solutions based on analytical knowledge. Our projects create options for change and focus on topics, such as global warming & CO2 emission reduction, food security, violation of human -, animal - and environmental rights, transparency and the fight against corruption.
Welcome to ChilliRabbit
Three types of projects:
Image by Lesia and Serhii Artymovych


X(large) Projects: Large scale and long term endeavors to tackle international and complex challenges. 



O(perational) Projects: Small & medium projects happening mostly on the operational level. 

Image by Jason Leung


C(onceptual) Projects: For people who have an unfinished idea for projects, or wish to do something and looking for advice, exchance of views or find a project partner to build and realize a project.

Current projects: