Our work covers three main blocks:
Environment & Sustainability

Humanitarian Help & Security-Related Issues

Social Injustice & Social Change
How we work:

We work holistically, interdisciplinary and project-oriented in order to obtain an open and broad access to an issue. Based on an analytical situation picture, we look at issues form very different perspectives. This enables us to identify options for action and make impact assessments. Using conceptual blending as a process, we combine existing ideas, plans, actors and infrastructures with new approaches and solutions.


We work on strategic, operational and tactical levels and use a variety of coordinated measures (media, political, operational, legal and economic) to achieve a constructive goal.

Our four step approach:
Knowledge - Conception - Resolve - Empower
Diagramme analysieren


We collect and analyze data and information on problems and challenges with social relevance.

We use various information sources and analytical methods to identify and understand actors, motives, interests and the balance of power and understand issues holistically.

Our goals:
Empowerment of people to finally solve problems and challenges of our time through a joint drive and passion in a sustainable and constructive way.

Elaboration and implementation of projects to lead by example.

Establishing “humanitarian work” as a meaningful and economic factor and as the employer of the future.

Who we are and why we founded ChilliRabbit:


Our team holds years of experience in the fields of strategy development and analysis, as well as crisis, conflict, disaster, security and continuity management. We are trained to swiftly identify and analyse crises and conflicts, as well as to plan and implement measures that meet a specific goal.

The increase of challenges for society and our planet, with the unsatisfactory approach to overcoming them, has prompted us to found this initiative.

An Initiative that recognises and accepts problems and challenges for humans and planet earth, away from spiralling negative trends. An initiative that takes responsibility and finds sustainable solutions with creative ideas based on a humanitarian view of the world and to implement them with courage, dignity and determination.

Our core values:
(1) Humanity, (2) Professionalism, (3) Objectivity, (4) Independence and (5) Transperancy.