Managed Cyber Security Services

Protect yourself & your company

Private security solutions & vendors are imperative for the corporate world. With the increase of malicious cyber actions against state, corporate & private entities, Managed Cyber Security Services become more and more popular. We explore why security measures are much more than expensive show stoppers & what does it really mean to fight on a defensive front line.

Security - A holistic ecosystem


Security by design & how to keep your systems running

Know your enemy: Counter-Intelligence & the art of deception

The pitfalls of standardization & why security plans often fail

Global competition, business development & company secrets

Trust, distrust and a clash of interest between corporations and law enforcement organisations

Weak point human 

Access Control & AI led intrusion systems


Internal & external Crisis Communication & Coordination

Pen-testing & red teaming

Standardization & chaos theory in process management

Act & React - Smart Management


The Challenger

Training & preparedness