Disaster- & Emergency Management

Outsmart Doomsday

Disasters represent some of mankind's worst fears. Massive fires, flash floods, storms, earthquakes, droughts, a blackout ... the inability to react and the potential breakdown of social order make us scared.
Emergency and Disaster Management professionals plan and mitigate to foresee and prevent the potential worst. They are in permanent training for being deployed & responding when necessary.
The world in the 21st century demands more than ever the major focus on humanitarian actions, with increasing challenge.  Humanitarian missions save lives on a daily basis and urgently need more support by society and states. We at ChilliRabbit's have committed ourselves and our activities to support, interact and coordinate alongside Emergency and Disaster Management actors, with a  focus on the improvement working standards in humanitarian aide areas.

Humanitarian Action

Engage in humanitarian activities (operational and back office)

Develop sustainable solutions with the use of the latest mechanisms and approaches

Creation of safety-  and emergency contingency plans

Safety Check and pre-emergency preparation for critical incidents during missions

Team Safety & Security Evaluation

Latest technical assistance solutions (e.g. Offline Navigation for evacuation routes,...)

The Role of Climate and Environment

Draw attention to the link between increasing number of disasters and climate change

Create sustainable solutions and rethink disaster management

Resilience Training for organizations Strenghten Citizens' engagement & preparedness

Disaster Management & consideration  of the effects of global warming to extreme weather phenomena

Impact reduction workshops. How everyone can make a difference


Organisational / Governmental / Institutional Continuity Management

Crisis Management (including team set-up and role assignment)

Internal and external crisis communication & coordination

Emergency resilience planning

Assistance in establishing cooperationships between corporations and law enforcement organisations

Disaster- and Emergency Management





Development of new trainings for professionals and decison makers

Development and improvement of act plans

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