Emergency- & Disaster Management

Outsmart doomsday

Man-made & natural disasters represent mankind's worst fears. The incapability to react and a rupture of social order leave people frightened.
Disaster management professionals are busy with planning, training, mitigating, communicating & responding to disasters if necessary.
Technology is a key part for managing emergency situations more efficiently.

Reconnaissance, Preparedness & Communication

Orbital data & UAV's for disaster detection & response

The boy who cried wolf - meaningful pre-desaster communication

Organizational preparedness, training & resilience

Offline navigation for evacuation routes 

Disaster management & transparency

Citizens engagement & preparedness

IOT devices for situation awareness & information dissemination

Edge computing


Trust & distrust and a clash of interest between corporations and law enforcement organisations

Counterintelligence & the art of deception

Internal & external crisis communication & coordination



Smart Resilience

The Challenger

Training & preparedness

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