Project Transparency


  • Development of a standardized categorisation of the CO2 footprint of buildings

  • Use of this categorisation to show energy waste zones in urban and rural areas

  • Implementation of the categorisation for a better energy management for future habitants


  • Provide a new standard to show the CO2 Footprint

  • By creating transparency about the CO2 Footprint, motivate states, governments, cities, construction companies to set measures to reach a cleaner CO2 footprint categorie.


  • Crowdfunding

  • Project Subsidies

  • Beneficiaries of the Project

Projekt partnerships

  • Energy Providers

  • Construction Company

  • Sustainable Reseach institutions

  • Private Companies

  • Subject Matter Experts

About the project:

Project Transparency's aim is to develop a new standard for easy access to a category that measures the CO2 Footprint.

In the starting phase, project Tranparency focuses on buildings. In a later phase the categorisation will be implemented on single flats, products, companies, and many more.

The final target is to merge the categorisation data with maps and create the possibilitie to get the best possible overview of the CO2 polution per area.

A future target is to use the data as a basis for improvement projects.

Project Transparency uld be developed as an App that helps to tackle the challenges of fighting global warming.

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