About the project:

Project Dare is a project to develop a new level of training exercies for professionals.

By holding exercises for first responders, crisis management teams, security management companies and many more, their members can improve their skills in a safe, controlled and accompanied set up.

​We use the expertise of field experienced mission experts as a basis for realistig training landscapes.

Depending of the setting of the exercise, we choose our partners from acting classes, make-up artists, pyrotechnicians,.. and organise extras to make the setting appear like real life.

The exercises are accompanied by experts at all times. Aim is to film the whole exercise with the help of several hidden cameras at all times.

A feedback meeting with our professionals rounds up the process in the end.

If you are a potential partner, expert, or if you are just interested in this project , contact us under


  • Set a new level of training exercise landscapes

  • Use of standardized parameters to create a clear picture of the success of the exercise

  • Work with partnercompanies to ensure near real life set ups of the exercise


  • Develop the most realistic exercise settings on the market

  • Partner with highly skilled companies to ensure maximum realism & safety during the exercise

  • Develop new feedback capacities with the help of video and drone footage of the exercise


  • Crowdfunding

  • Project Subsidies

  • Beneficiaries of the Project

  • Customers

Projekt partnerships

  • Blue Light Organisations

  • Companies with implemented BCM

  • Companies that want to implement BCM

  • Companies with needs for trainings

  • Institutions

  • Universtities

  • Subject Matter Experts that want to get tested on their skills

Current Project Status:

Active search for partners and investors.