Options for action:


Are all capabilities, activities and possibilities for responding to a situation. Our system allows a targeted and coordinated use of these resources. Together, they offer a wide and effective range of possibilities, which are applied according to the most moderate means.

We distinguish between advisory and operational activities.

Advisory activities: All activities that are addressed to the client by Project ONE and that are for his benefit. These also include psychological/psychotherapeutic, legal and economic counselling as well as clarifications and consultations relating to his registration with Project ONE.

Operational activities: All activities performed by Project ONE to enforce the previously developed solution. To this end, we have designed a system for fusing the problem, solution and measures that enables us to operate swiftly, efficiently and in a coordinated manner. We divide our operational activities into five main categories:

  • Media actions

    • Media coverage

    • Investigative journalism

    • Media campaigns

  • Legal actions​

    • Filing of lawsuits

    • Expert opinions & reviews

    • Negotiations

    • ...

  • Political actions

    • Political campaigning

    • Petitions

    • Citizens' initiatives and movements

    • ...

  • Operational actions

    • Information retrieval operations

    • Procurement and logistics

    • Information operations

  • Economic actions

    • Foundation of company/organisation

    • Earmarked purchase/lease of land/buildings

    • Fundraising