Complex social change & factors of uncertainty

Societal "Subjectivization" and new cultural identities

Automatization & societal transformation

Connecting the dots - Powerplay & Political realism in the 21st century

Limits of social fabrics: Trolley games - dynamic social change & measurement of social activation

Social cohesion & economical competition in a global, regional and local world of ideologies

Nations, cultures, religions, ideologies & the question of identity

The art of the possible

Human nature forms the centre of our research. Any analysis and all our topics derive from our data network that implies human behaviour & construction on an individual and societal level. 
Our main network consists of different ego-networks that are constructed by advanced analytical algorithms & analysis. The construction is an ongoing process. We explore long term trends and pin them down to current chances & risks.

Global Affairs & Society in the 21st century

Our methods enable us to view and process top trending topics on a hollistic and at the same time very detailled level.

Social disorientation & social order

Democracy & subjectivated politics

Algokratie and the power of mathematics

Reducing complexity - Gaining and holding power 

Creative destruction & the return of entrepreneurial spirit into politics

Trust & distrust in politics & society

The battle for truth & the construction of minds

Limits of information & the sense and senselessness of conventional media

Burning down the house - the re-invention of journalism

Persuasive programming & social obedience


The Insider

Strategy & Knowledge

The Mobilizer

Action through passion

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