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Kick-Off: Projects 2020

Aktualisiert: 27. Feb 2020

Finally, we are starting with our projects for 2020. Many thanks for sending so many ideas and issues you care for. We have analyzed them all and tried to involve and combine as many as possible.

Here they are:

Climate change as a holistic issue is going to be our major project and will expand through the other projects such as social empowerment, travel & exploration and political cohesion.

- We will try to enhance political solutions on climate change. #inclusiveBetterthanExclusive; #Climate_chanCe

- We will work with social empowerment movements to boost their voice while keeping a sharp eye on tendencies of extremism.

- Sustainability, comfortability & security will play a role for traveling & exploring the world.

- As 2020 will be an interesting year in global political affairs – we have many interesting & challenging tasks in progress – stay tuned.

We will try to involve as many of you as possible and we are looking forward to an exciting year.


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