Problem situation:


Situations, circumstances, problems or challenges for humans and nature that individuals do not have the capacities or possibilities to cope with.


Due to our methodological approach and our broad partner network, we are in a position to tackle a variety of situations and problems.


  • Requests addressed to Project ONE must not be aimed at retribution, revenge, debt settlement, or the like. We do not take on such cases nor is this the aim of our actions.

  • Project ONE respects the rule of law and an independent judiciary. There must be no legal proceedings (administrative proceedings, court cases) pending for submitted requests.

Three types of problem situations:

1. Problems and injustices: 

  • Strong suspicion of moral failings and crimes:

    • Corruption and abuse of power by individuals, organisations, companies, parties or institutions.​

  • Violation of human, animal and environmental rights.

  • Unfinished criminal cases:

    • Cold Cases: Missing persons, homicide.​

    • Anonymous tips concerning a crime. Somebody has information about a crime but does not want to be involved in the situation.

2. Whistleblowing: We have developed a uniform and holistic package especially for whistleblowing.

  • Analytical review of contents:​

    • What type of information is this specifically and what is its significance?

    • How comprehensive, stringent and sufficient is the information?

  • What possibilities and options for action does the information give us?​

    • What goals can be achieved with this information and in what manner?​

    • How can we best use the information and what players do we need for this?

  • What are the consequences of the possibilities and options for action?

    • What impacts (positive/negative) will the different measures have for all players concerned?

  • Security check:

    • Can the whistleblower be exposed, or is a mention by name specifically desired?​

    • What safeguards can be put in place to prevent exposure?

    • What impact would it have on the whistleblower himself (privately and professionally), his family and personal environment if his name were disclosed?

    • What measures can be taken to protect a whistleblower (legal representation, relocation, financial support, ...)?

3. Problems with implementing ideas:

  • Somebody has an idea or a proposal for a humanitarian project or a sustainable enterprise, but has difficulties with its specific implementation (planning, structure, funding, networks).