A project to fight injustices through combined action


  • Create a community to fight social injustices togeher


  • Crowd funding

Projekt partnerships

  • Reseach institutions

  • Private companies

  • Subject Matter Experts

What is Project ONE?

With Project ONE we want to establish an association dedicated to mastering challenges and problems on a professional and holistic level. The focus of Project ONE is on topics such as global warming, the protection of humans, animals and the environment, as well as humanitarian causes. 


We have created a system that enables us, together with experts, companies and a global community, to transform problems and challenges reported to us into solution-driven projects and to implement them systematically with the help of coordinated measures and players.

Our aim is to create the largest possible global community that uses its voice, power and resources effectively and concertedly to take responsibility for shaping the future with courage, determination and vigour.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi


Starting point

Identification of a problematic situation, where external assistance is needed.

Problems & injustices


Abuse of Power

Human Rights violations

Environmental crime

Animal abuse

Cold cases

Missing person

Whistle blowing

Comprehensive whistle-blowing package

Project realization problems

People want to start a humanitarian project, but don't know how


Finding a solution

Togehter with our partner network, we assess & analyze the problematic situations

We identify courses of action and define possible solution paths

Calculate solution success rates

And apply measures from our action pool

  • Media Action

  • Political Action

  • Juridical Action

  • Operational Action

  • Economic Action

We fuse all relevant information, including actors, costs & expected outcomes in a story, that is presented to our community.


Joint decision-making


The community includes all persons and actors associated with Project ONE and forms our core

They can approve a project ...

 ... or reject it

add comments to and suggest changes of the project

participate actively in projects with their expertise

Support the project financially

Or mere observation of the progress, no proactive involvement


Realization & resilience

All agreed, we will launch the project and coordinate all actions.

We stay involved until the best possible result has been achieved

We build products and tools that help others in similar cases

Through our interactive resilience library, we empower others


Four steps to success:

1. Starting point:

Every project starts with a problem situation, that requires help from outside. This is brought to our attention either by a report from people (clients), or we take action on our own personal initiative. We analyse the requests free of charge regarding ethics, relevance, correctness and feasibility and create a storyline in which all relevant information is collected and evaluated.


2. Finding a solution:

Based on the storyline, we identify various options for action. They are explored with the help of our partner network, consisting of experts and companies from various disciplines, and potential success rates are analysed. The most promising solution is presented to our community on our website together with the necessary costs and resources.


3. Joint decision-making:

The community adds comments and suggests changes for the planning and implementation of the individual projects. Community members can take an active part in implementing the project with their expertise, or merely observe the progress and offer financial support.


4. Realisation & resilience:

When a project is fully financed, we start with the implementation phase. The team of Project ONE takes on a coordinating role and delegates the various tasks for meeting the objectives to the participating partner companies and members of the community. We stay involved until the best possible outcome is achieved.


As a unique feature, Project ONE is creating a so-called resilience library, in which the community can access the documented expertise of Project ONE staff members after completion of a project. With this we want to give back to the people who work with us on Project ONE, to empower them in their everyday lives and in challenging situations with accessible solutions to help make them more resilient.

"We will either find a way, or make one


Why have we chosen this approach?

  • It is our belief that everybody has the right to access comprehensive, professional and state-of-the-art support in problem situations.

  • We want to help people with immediate projects and to tackle problems and injustices systemically.

  • With our actions we want to achieve positive and result-driven changes, engaging as many people as possible in the process.

  • We don't want to start another organisation just to see and read what others are doing. We want to harness the momentum of empowerment, the active element of human behaviour and the resources of the community.

  • We want to give everybody an opportunity to help others with their unique experience, their expertise and their passion. Our project-based approach allows people to share their time flexibly and engage pro-actively.

  • “The pen is mightier than the sword” - so we thought why not use both?

Organization and structure:

  • Establishment of a registered association in order to have legal and contractual capacity.

  • Creation of small, effective analysis and coordination teams to keep organisational costs to a minimum.

  • Transparency and efficiency are pivotal to our approach.

  • Depending on financial resources, we plan to start with projects locally and want to expand gradually through generic growth and success.


Transparency and traceability are top priorities at Project ONE. For us, it is self-evident that donors should have full insight into where their money is being invested and what opportunities are created with it. Alongside donations, Project ONE will analyse and apply for alternative funding for each project.  

Project ONE is financed by

  • Investors

  • Subsidies

  • Crowdfunding

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