Brunel University London - MA War & Conflict in the modern world

Teresa Allerstorfer

A passionate psychotherapist with a deep interest in individual motivational and value development. Starting my career in global conflict management and deradicalization, I  subsequently developed an abiding interest in merging individual psychological patterns with global socio-economic influencing factors. 

University of Vienna - BA Political Science

Psychotherapist in a rehab center focusing on identity crisis/crisis of meaning, depressions, anxiety & panic attacks, posttraumatic stress disorder

Current and former work experience:


Danube University Krems - MSC Logotherapy & existential analysis (Viktor Frankl)

Psychotherapist with a private practice in Vienna

Policy analyst in the Austrian Ministry of the Interior with focus on human trafficking & deradicalization. Conflict reseracher at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.

  • Individual & group therapies

  • Workshops & seminars

  • Counselling & coaching