Travel Security Management

Together with our partner companies, we establish comprehensive travel risk management solutions for the private and corporate sector. We at ChilliRabbit's are passionate travelers and explorers ourselves. Therefore we choose a comprehensive and individual approach to assist you in travelling.

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The global pandemic has massive effects on the travel industry. During the ongoing crisis and in the aftermath, we support you with all the necessary information and guidance on traveling in the most straightforward and comfortable way.


We encourage and  invite people to explore and learn about the world, its people and cultures firsthand. We at ChilliRabbit's are passionate travelers ourselves. We see the world open-eyed, as a chance, not a threat. Knowledge, training and awareness can keep you safe. 

We create individualized travel management workshops for private and business travels, where you can choose between different  topics & modules. Get in touch for more information!



Find your Destination


Choose, but choose wisely

Culture, Society, Politics

Know your destination



Travel Security

Training & Awareness


Prepare yourself

Tips & Tricks


Whether you want to relax, find an adventure, study or open an office abroad, choosing the right place and procedure can be decisive. 

Knowledge about the political situation, social cohesion, cultural and religious characteristics are not only interesting facts but can be the key to your personal safety & security

Get security reports, travel advisories, safety & security guidelines and regional incident and situation updates

Learn how to avoid dangerous situations or how to behave during an emergency. Become familiar with different situations in order to travel with confidence. 


We assist you in identfiying your desires & needs and help you to succeed in your mission


We will guide you on an exciting and informative journey


Learn about man-made and natural hazards in your region and risks like:

Learn how to interact with local people, authorities, or other international travelers

  • Earthquakes, tsunamis, dangerous animals, allergen sources, or criminal offenses.

Get practical information that is good to know:

  • Theft & loss prevention

  • How to travel in a climate friendly way

  • Vaccinations

  • Customs and immigration

  • How to safely use means of transportation (e.g. taxi)

  • To-dos in case of  illness or death of a travel companion

  • Consular service

  • Dos and donts during your trip

  • How to behave during political unrest, a criminal encounter or natural disasters.

  • Get practical training in financial issues, how to use a taxi, how to contact your embassy... .